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Mixed Media Artwork: A Fresh Take on Traditional Media

Mixed media artwork pieces are taking the world by storm from your local art store and galleries to online shops. And yet, some people are still unsure what this art field encompasses. One of the first things that you need to know about mixed media art is that it is a broad category that involves the use of different arts and crafts projects. There are many mixed media artwork pieces that are available in the current market, including book making, modified things, 2D and 3D assemblages, collages, paintings, and sculptures. You can use an array of materials to create mixed media fine art. In addition to paper and paint, you can also utilize buttons, screws, boils, nails, photos, old jewelry, found objects, clays, glue, pens, pencils, and markers. The usual mixed media project often entails having a collage that has a variety of found items.

You find a wide selection of art forms or options that are part of the mixed media art category. If you talk about mixed media artwork, you are often looking at collage art. It is a kind of visual art that uses different kinds of paint as well as other materials like fabric, paper, and pictures. Artists who are fond of creating collages often utilize the usual painting materials like oils, inks, watercolors, acrylics. The use of less traditional materials like pencil markings, clay, and crayons is also very common in addition to these materials. For these artists, applying these materials involves a fat over lean method. This means that materials that are applied last are those that are the thickest. Some artists even use unique materials for their collages. These materials can range from grass, leaves, and other organic materials to sandpaper, polymers, and other synthetic materials.

Currently, there is an increasing number of artists that are leaving their traditional media methods behind like the use of watercolors and acrylic and oil on canvas. You will notice how these artists are innovating and experimenting with the use of various materials. Installations and paintings are some popular mixed media artwork forms too. Looking at these art forms is a very interesting thing that you can do. There are many creative uses that you can get from these materials so that the artist will be able to show their concept much better.

As a buyer, you have to at least familiarize yourself and know the materials that the artist used to create the mixed media artwork that you want. If you do so, you will know if the art piece you have bought will maintain its condition. You need to know if there are chances that one or more of the materials will change in consistency or color, corrode, decay, or rot. All in all, you want to invest in something like an art piece that will truly satisfy you till the end and be of value to you.

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