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What Do You Need to Know About the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

It is important for every Christian to know about what will happen during Rapture time so that they can all be prepared and understand all the signs that will be seen in the whole world. The fact that Rapture is not in the Holy Bible but it is well described in 1st Thessalonians 4:13-18. During the second coming of Jesus Christ, those people who believed in him and died long ago will have their bodies rose again into new beings, and this is the same case that will happen to the Christian will be alive, as they are going to meet our Lord Jesus Christ in the atmosphere. This is going to happen in a moment, just like in the twinkling of an eye. It is good to have a proper understanding that the Rapture is the return of Jesus Christ in the crowd in order to remove all the Christian Believers from the Earth before the time of God’s judgment and wrath. The Rapture is positively associated with events of the second coming of Jesus Christ, and this is when Jesus will return and defeat the power of antichrist, destroy the evils and also establish His own millennial Kingdom. Below is an article with all that you need to know about the signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

There will be signs of deception; this means that the majority of people will come and claim to be Messiah and also claim to have all the answers for the whole troubled world. Jesus used to speak to people warning and telling them about the untrue prophets who are going to arise and also show great signs to deceive and as well electing. These false prophets are never working with real belief today. It is, therefore, important to guard and also ask yourself about who could be these false prophets as well as Messiah.

The other side of the second coming of Jesus Christ is that there will be disputes among different Nations of the earth. This is something that is currently happening in different places of the world, where the nations are rising against each other. The Book of Revelation speaks clearly about the tribulation time that it is going to be filled with war that will continue until the whole world end. This type of war will be unending, ceaseless, and terrible. The Bible says that as we approach the end times, there is going to be a lot of talks concerning border skirmishes, conflict, national battles, and race wars.

The signs of devastation are another indicator of the second coming of Jesus Christ. As the end time is becoming closer, there will be a lot of devastation, including famine and hunger. If you consider looking around the world at the moment, there are billions of people who are starving because of inadequate food, despite the blessings that God has placed in the whole world of fertility and abundant planet. In addition to these, there are going to be endless earthquakes, and it has been projected by scientists that it is going to spread new diseases with no cure. If you look around the world, there is a number of epidemics of new diseases breaking out, and there is no doctor or scientist who is able to control the spread.

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