Cebu City, Philippines

Time, once once more, to reform the brand new 2005 reformed chapter laws, and to reform the new reformed Chapter 7 chapter? The basic purpose why the 2005 law has come crashing down so soon, may be traced straight to one primary cause: the entire BAPCPA scheme had been primarily based on a premise that’s […] Read More

Cebu Metropolis, Philippines

A tourist visiting Cebu Metropolis for the first time might be turned off by a number of the metropolis websites. And the knowledgeable expert projections are that we’ll land proper back pretty quickly at the standard “square one” in chapter filing – back to the old “bad” high pre-2005 bankruptcy submitting levels which the 2005 “reform” law simply enactment by Congress was meant to remedy and reverse.Broken Record Bar

If a canine is found to be “dangerous” or “probably dangerous”, the owner must register the ca...

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