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History And Significance Of Route 66

Just west of Amarillo’s downtown district, Sixth Street charges a full day to explore, dine, store and photograph as you comply with US-66 throughout the Texas Panhandle. State Farm® has been helping life go right on American roads since 1922, and is proud to staff up with National Geographic and the National Trust for Historic Preservation to help their efforts to preserve America’s most historic highway. The historical significance and positive influence on so many people and communities across the nation makes Route 66 — which runs right past State Farm headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois — a national treasure. Get a quote, find an agent, or study more about how State Farm is here to help life go proper at

Route 66, already well-liked and absolutely paved, turned one of many major routes and likewise served for shifting army tools. Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri was positioned near the highway, which was regionally upgraded quickly to a divided highway to assist with army site visitors. When Richard Feynman was engaged on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, he used to journey the practically a hundred miles to go to his wife, who was dying of tuberculosis, in a sanatorium located on Route 66 in Albuquerque. Traffic grew on the highway because of the geography by way of which it passed.

It adopted the old trails laid out by the early explorers and railroad. Route 66 grew to become the 20 th century model of the Oregon Trail, the golden road to the promised land and has inspired our spirit ever since. John Steinbeck referred to as it the Mother Road, and indeed it was. It offered hope to the farmers of the mud bowl period going west to find a new life. In optimistic publish W.W.II America, Route 66 defined a era on the lookout for journey and freedom on the open street.

Then a second set of lanes for site visitors flowing within the other direction would be constructed, finally followed by abandoning the other old set of lanes or changing them right into a frontage street. In 1937, a straight-line route was completed from west of Santa Rosa through Moriarty and east–west by way of Albuquerque and west to Laguna. This newer routing saved travelers as much as 4 hours of travel via New Mexico.