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Some sections of US 66 still retain their historic 9-foot-wide (2.7 m) “sidewalk highway” kind, never having been resurfaced to make them into full-width highways. These old sections have a single, paved lane, concrete curbs to mark the sting of the lane, and gravel shoulders for passing.

Once you realize your route you possibly can then take into consideration reserving some motels if you wish to. The purpose I say ‘if you wish to’ is that for some the idea of the open street is what appeals and having no mounted place to be is what they want.

Then we’d do some driving and cease for lunch in another location – though bear in mind the warmth of the day particularly should you’re travelling in Summer. The afternoon would have a small quantity of extra driving and we’d arrive at our overnight location for ready for food and some sunset photos as we walked round. Many individuals take from 2 – three weeks to drive the whole route and I think that’s excellent when you’re doing the entire journey with out it getting too boring! If you do it in 2 weeks that averages out at about 174 miles a day and when you do it in three you’re looking at 116 miles a day. Remember to go away some time at the beginning an finish to discover LA and Chicago and in addition any time for facet journeys you’re thinking about.

How Do I Stay Safe On Route 66?

Essentially, Route 66 is a historic freeway in the United States that ran southwestwardly from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California, crossing 8 states and overlaying over 2,400 miles . From east to west, it runs through elements of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. State Highway 66 (SH-66) in Oklahoma stays because the alternate “free” route near its turnpikes. “Historic Route 66” runs for a significant distance in and near Flagstaff, Arizona.

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