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Christian Parenting: On Raising Christian Children

Your faith teaches you to imitate only Christ and His steps. As a parent raising children in this world filled with wickedness, and where the temptation of worldly desire is everywhere trying to lure your children’s soul out of the gutter of Christ’s works, you need to work triple as the evil works in bad faith. As a parent, you are your children’s first nurturer and teacher of the faith. Their future lies in the way you will build and hone their minds and their thinking.

How are you going to raise loving Christian children in today’s world? How are you going to keep them away from all sorts of temptations that will easily distract them from the right path of faith and from imitating Christ and life? Where will you start teaching them the right way and what is the best way to do it?

If you want to be a good parent to your child in the name of Christ and the almighty creator, then you need to make sure that you will follow just as how Christ has taught his followers and disciples to learn the way of good living under the teachings in the Bible. The Bible should be your handbook and manual as to how you will introduce to your children the notion and concept of Christian faith.

Their belief and the strength of their faith are found and the first mold inside your home. You are going to be their teacher in every way. You need to get some help from your elders in your congregation in order to help your children grasp the real meaning of serving in the name of the Lord. It takes a community to raise a child as people often say and you need the right congregation to teach them and help you raise truth and the right awareness for your children.

You cannot just do it alone hence you need some guidance too. It is better that you seek comfort and guidance form those people who you can trust in terms of introducing good virtues to your children. As a parent, you also need to be a good emulator of virtue and faith to your children.

You need to make your home as safe and comforting as possible establishing patterns and conduct of behavior that will set good examples for your children. As being their lead you need to be sure that you also follow what you preach to your children. Walk the talk and walk in the light of faith and belief.

You need to set good examples yourself and let your children follow you as they can see. For young minds, they anchor the structure of the belief of their life to people the look up to and people they believe to be the authority in their life. In this case that will be you. So you need to strengthen your faith with your children and treat them as your brother in the congregation to set the mood of openness and welcomeness within you.

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