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Tips for Choosing the Right Hanging Chicken Feeders for Chicken

As times goes by, more and more chicken farmers go for hanging chicken feeders over their counterparts. Hanging feeders are best for chicken coops or runs that have horizontal beam support. These chicken feeders are suspended from the ground. When compared to their counterparts, hanging chicken feeders are more beneficial.

The first benefit of hanging chicken feeders is that they are easier to maintain in terms of cleanliness. They are more sanitary because chicken are less likely to reach and contaminate them than they are likely to reach regular feeders. Secondly, you will add food from the top, while your chicken feed from the bottom, and this is a major benefit. Serving from the bottom as the chicken feed from the bottom is beneficial because then the chicken cannot eat older feed before they get to the new feed. If the chicken eat the older feed first, you do not need to worry about it going bad. Hanging feeders for chicken are especially beneficial if you give pellets and crumbles to your chicken. The market today is filled with many kinds of hanging feeders for chicken. As such, choosing the right one can be a bit of a daunting task. Here, we will be looking at some of the factors you need to consider when choosing hanging feeders for chicken.

The first factor you need to consider is the material. You will find two main kinds of chicken feeders in the market when you consider the material. You can either buy a metal hanging feeder for chicken or buy a plastic one. When compared to the plastic hanging feeders for chicken, you will find that the metal ones are more durable. Metal chicken feeders tend to be more durable than their plastic counterparts. Because of this, metal chicken feeders tend to be costlier than the plastic feeders. The choice between the two is yours. If you want something cheap, go for plastic chicken feeders. If durability is more important to you than cost, then the metal hanging feeders for chicken are your best option.

Size is another important factor that needed to be considered when choosing hanging feeders for chicken. You need to know the approximate number of chickens you have in your coop if you want to choose the right size. The right hanging feeder for chicken should be large enough that it carries enough feed to feed your chicken for a day. With a large enough feeder, you will not need to constantly add food for the chicken during the day. However, the feeder should not be too big, because then food could go bad. With these factors, you will definitely choose eth right hanging feeder for your chicken.

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