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Getting Along With Nuclear Electromagnetic Burst

A nuclear electromagnetic pulse is also known as EMP or NEMP is a burst of electromagnetic radiation created by nuclear explosion. Due to the advancement in technology and the increase in terrorism there are weapons that have been designed and built to cause the effects of electromagnetic burst.The electromagnetic eruptions occur naturally meaning they are not forcefully induced they are caused by forces of nature an example of such forces is lightning.The risk associated with EMP attack include nationwide blackout of the electric power grid, and a shutdown of critical infrastructure reliant on the grid.

Detonation of a nuclear bomb, solar flare, a device intended to cause an EMP, close lightning stroke and finally a massive powerline short circuit are some of the factors that may cause electromagnetic bursts. Not unless it is a terrorist attack this nuclear burst do not happen at many times.Solar flare mostly happen though it is harmless not unless it is in extreme.Some of electrical appliances can cause electromagnetic burst to be in excess they include computers and computer equipments, appliances containing microprocessors, automobile electronic ignition, power fuses, TV cameras, computer disks among others. There are some other equipments that are likely to be immune to EMP unless it is very strong they include equipments stored inside metal cases, automobiles with no semiconductor devices, mechanical equipments, phonograph records, compact disk among many others.

Electrical energy is the most used source of energy it is used in all the industries in communication , transport, food production and preservation both for commercial and domestic use. A duration after the electromagnetic bursts it is like the old times before the invention of electricity hence people should repair their non electrical equipments for use during this time. A void the use of semiconductors where possible, If semiconductors are used make sure they are rated to maximum voltages and currents at least ten times . On power wiring it is advisable to use large ferrite beads and also it is good to provide a backup power source like a generator. One can also purchase a faraday bag or cage for use during this time this is a conductive structure that is designed to protect the contents in it from electricity pulse. Communication will also be affected hence it is good to use other communicating devices such as walkie talkie that can be used to communicate in even very remote areas where network is poor. Make your own electricity power source an example the use of solar panels, biogas, wind turbine generator among others. To avoid food shortage due to the stoppage of production process of food it is advisable to plant food crops.

Various measures should be put into place to avoid damage that is brought about by the electromagnetic burst such include shield wiring connected to sensitive equipments or enclose wiring in metal conguits, fuse long wires and cables, increase the current carrying capacity of the building ground.

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