Four Ways To Tell If You’Re A Broken Record

The Broken Record

Brown speaks in the latter pages of having to make herself extra invisible and let more of what she was writing about seep by way of by letting herself step back. I’m glad to say that, in this e-book, Brown doesn’t turn out to be so invisible that her writing takes on a detached high quality. You still see her character, and the tales are about her, however, in some ways, additionally they really feel universal.


To be fair, there are plenty of life lesson/reflections based mostly books in the marketplace today and Amena’s guide hits on lots of the similar matters that have already been mentioned. However, there have been a number of areas that helped How to Fix a Broken Record stand out from the crowd. Amena comes along facet her readers much like a big sister or an older finest friend, strolling her readers by way of the lessons she’s learned as she displays back on the teachings life and music have introduced her way.

Broken Record Presents: Aim Higher

The mixture of deep spiritual ideas and life advice with lots of humor makes the entire book a pleasure. Her narration of the audiobook is great, but equally good in print.