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Nemos, who also contributed to the e-book, was not surprised by its success. “The demand for the truth was on the market,” he says.


“We have our alien individuals, we now have our conspiracy individuals, however most individuals part of the Q motion simply want to see justice in a lawful means and see the country made great once more,” Nemos says. QAnon members believe that “the Cabal,” or the deep state, is operated by individuals within the upper echelons of society who kidnap youngsters and perform sacrificial rituals on them. They imagine that members of the Cabal record one another raping or consuming youngsters and use it as potential blackmail in opposition to one another. The solely means that somebody can enter the Cabal is if they’re keen to participate in these blackmail recordings, to ensure that they will by no means betray the group.

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He progressively isolated himself from the skin world. Lately, I’ve only identified him to leave Orange County, California, every couple of years to go watch races at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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