The Best Surfing Spot in Indonesia

For you lovers of surfing, Bali is usually a must destination. The island which is famous for its beautiful beaches also has challenging waves that attract the attention of foreign surfers. But did you know that Indonesia has many other surfing spots? Which is much better than Bali, you know! Sipora Island, West Sumatra, For […] Read More

How to Choose a Cheap Tour Package for Overseas Holidays

Vacationing to various tourist destinations found in the country, may have often been done so far. So, it never hurts to schedule a vacation trip abroad, especially if it turns out you have a long vacation period. Vacationing in various countries that you have never visited, will certainly be a pleasant experience, especially if it turns out you can package a vacation with a variety of activities that you like.

However, planning a vacation abroad will be different from when planning a vacatio...

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