Broken Records Redux

The Broken Record

So my downside with golf is I need to have the ability to run on golf courses. When I was 15 years old, we moved out to the country to a house that backed onto the local public golf course. All of the runners on the town would run around the perimeter of the golf course, it was one of the best route in town. And then I get to America and abruptly — like, I tried to run as soon as on this golf course in Hawaii. It was six within the morning, there was no one on the golf course — armed guards descended on me.

Broken Records Redux: How Errors By Criminal Background Check Companies Continue To Harm Consumers Seeking Jobs And Housing

A good chunk of the individuals I speak to and meet on the highway usually are not New York City liberals. I don’t get as worked up over these things, I suspect, as different folks, and so I don’t actually feel the necessity to weigh in in a big method. I was an avid music listener, but I had never written about music till I began doingRevisionist Historyand Broken Record. I had by no means frolicked with musicians, it was a completely new world for me. It’s just delightful to find at my grand old age this complete new universe of characters, geniuses and weirdos.

I wish to make my viewers excited about the identical issues I’m enthusiastic about. I want them to understand that there’s cool stuff all over the place. The random individuals who you wouldn’t otherwise think of as attention-grabbing have extraordinary tales, little arcane corners of academia can yield incredible secrets and techniques. I wish to share my sense of wonderment I actually have concerning the world.