Best Vacuum Cleaners for Hard Floors


Choosing the technique for the home, more and more people are thinking about the health benefits and protection of the environment. This principle sounds as fundamental when buying including vacuum cleaners. The dust collection function alone is not enough. According to the modern consumer, a high-quality vacuum cleaner should create a healthy microclimate, moisturizing and refreshing the air. To fulfill this task the separator-type vacuum cleaner is a 100% capable – a new step in the evolution of “home helpers”.

The principle of the centrifuge laid down in the principle effectively separates water, air and dust, relieving the room not only from the invisible microparticles of dirt, but even from allergen molecules and certain types of bacteria. Such aggregates have several varieties in different price categories. Let’s take a closer look at how the separator-type vacuum cleaner works, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and also give a brief overview of the popular models.


The separator got its name from the Latin separator – “separator”. The basis of his work laid the effect of centrifugal force, which allows you to separate from each other substances with different specific gravity and density. With respect to the vacuum cleaner for hard floors it is a question of water, air and particles of garbage.

The principle of the device is as follows: air, along with dust and dirt through the hose, gets inside the vacuum cleaner and is in a bowl of water. The separator mechanism rotates water with a huge speed: from 25 to 35 thousand revolutions per minute. There is a whirlpool and a high pressure zone. Large fragments immediately settle on the bottom.

The small ones fly around the edges of the tank and slowly sink in the water. Smashed and small air bubbles, which carry in themselves the smallest particles of debris. As a result, all the dirt stays in the container, dissolving in the water, and perfectly clean air comes out. The technology makes it possible to achieve a record air purification rate – up to 99.997%.

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For the human body, not only that dust that is visible and palpable is harmful. In the air there are impurities that can not be noticed and eliminated with a wet rag. For example, the evaporation of chemical compounds. Some of them are hydrophobic, that is, they can not get wet (asbestos, graphite).

A simple vacuum cleaner can not catch them – after passing through a water obstacle, the particles are blown back. This is typical for vacuum cleaners with a hookah aquafilter system. In addition, they are not able to rid the room of odors. Reliance on the laws of physics allows the separator vacuum cleaner to achieve an impressive result.

This system of cleaning can be called revolutionary: it is able to fight not only dust, but also with microorganisms, spores of mold, pollen and the products of life of siprophyte mites, pleasing the owner with the widest spectrum of technical capabilities.

Vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter of separator type are designed for complex cleaning of premises. They effectively remove even old dirt. Suitable for cleaning carpets, bed linen, furniture cover, sofa cushions, curtains, soft toys, etc. Dry cleaning mode is necessary for surfaces and materials that are contraindicated to moisture (parquet, some types of laminate).


A variety of attachments – both in the kit and purchased in addition – allows you to handle most surfaces, including mirrors, glasses and leaves of large houseplants, dry cleaning tissues at home. Another property of washing vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter and a separator is the humidification and purification of air to record levels.

Manufacturers assure that the use of a separator vacuum cleaner in the home allows to fight infections and bacteria that are transmitted by airborne droplets, and also to facilitate life for people with chronic diseases of the respiratory system. Such aggregates remove positively charged dust, which means they are additional ionizers of the air, refreshing it, like after a rain.

Some companies refer to independent studies that show how professional cleaning and moistening of air using separator-type aquafilters can improve the quality of life of people with asthma or allergies. And finally, when adding aromatic drops to water, the purification system is also able to perform the function of the fragrance. A vacuum cleaner with a separator and an aquafilter among vacuum cleaners of another type distinguishes not only the abundance of possibilities, but also a list of unconditional advantages.

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