How to choose an inexpensive vacuum cleaner?

The most important usability parameters of the vacuum cleaner

It is desirable that the cleaning process is as less burdensome and convenient as possible. To provide its customers with the most affordable level of comfort when cleaning domestic dust, modern manufacturers are trying to think through the smallest details. Even the economical models of vacuum cleaners today should have the following parameters of ease of use of this household equipment:

  • The length of the cord

The longer the power line with which this or that model is equipped, the more convenient it is to use. If the cord has a length of, for example, 7 m, then in a small two-room apartment it can be connected to the network and not switched to another outlet during the entire cleaning process. It is very convenient for those who prefer quick cleaning. In general, a convenient enough length of the cord is 5 m. However, most modern manufacturers are ready to offer their customers models with a wire length of 7 m. In addition, the power line must automatically twist, which is a mandatory requirement that provides compact and convenient storage of household appliances.

  • Brush and nozzle accessories

Full use of the vacuum cleaner is possible only with all necessary attachments and brushes. The standard set is 3 items: a carpet brush, a crevice nozzle, an elongated dust brush. Today, often even in the configuration of low-cost models are also available turbobrashes that can provide better absorption of dust and small debris. You should also pay attention to whether the base brush-nozzle has a parking function. That is, it can bend perpendicular to the telescopic tube, which is very convenient if you store the vacuum cleaner in a rather limited space, for example, in a small pantry.

  • Sturdy and comfortable telescopic tube

It is best if the model is equipped with a metal telescopic tube, which will definitely last as long as possible. But inexpensive vacuum cleaners for the sake of economy can be equipped and plastic tubes. In this there is nothing to worry about if you use the device carefully enough. In addition, the plastic tube will weigh much less metal, which also increases the level of convenience and ease of cleaning.

  • Level of noise pollution

When buying an inexpensive model, it is important to pay attention to the noise level at maximum power. It is desirable that this figure does not exceed 95 dB. The normal level of noise, which does not exactly cause discomfort to cleaning and households is the indicator of 60-75 dB.

Studying the additional features of modern vacuum cleaners, you can find upgraded devices. For example, manufacturers constantly modify control systems, placing more and more buttons and levers not on the body, but on the handle of the tube. In addition, it is possible to find models with brush brushes equipped with ultraviolet lamps used for additional disinfection of the surfaces to be cleaned. However, such additional updates significantly increase the cost of household appliances.

an inexpensive vacuum cleaner

Why not need to overpay?

Each of the above criteria or parameters should be considered expediently. For example, if there are no pets in the house, and a lot of dirt does not come from the street, then you should not choose a too powerful model of the vacuum cleaner. It should be limited to a device having a suction power of 300-400 W, saving a certain amount of money on this.

Another example would be a refusal to purchase a device with an aquafilter. Why do you need a maximum level of trapping even microparticles, if the apartment does not live allergic. In such situations, the economical model with a bag and HEPA-filter may well suffice.

You can save more and buy a model of past years of production. For about a decade, the leading manufacturers of vacuum cleaners produce inexpensive models with quality filtration systems. Any new model of this year’s release may cost more than last year’s only because it will be equipped with an additional lever or wheels. Do not think that newer models are necessarily better than those that were produced a couple of years ago.

And finally, together with the purchase of a vacuum cleaner, you can buy some spare parts that can significantly extend its service life after a while. For example, you can buy a spare cloth bag. In addition, it is important to find out which modification of the HEPA filter is equipped with the model to be purchased. If such a filter is available on sale, then it is better to purchase it.

After 2 years, when it is desirable to change this filter, it can happen that it is the filters of this form that are no longer produced. If you take into account the fundamental factors listed above, and all sorts of trifles associated with convenience and spare parts, it is quite possible to purchase an inexpensive but sufficiently high-quality model of a modern, functional and reliable vacuum cleaner.